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V2COM - Veloxia Virtual Commerce

V2COM is the system of personalized electronic commerce of Veloxia Network, it is a question of a system adapted to every client and that provides the base for the achievement of any type of virtual shop, including administration, cart of the buy and footbridge of payment.

The system is divided in two principal modules, administration Area and Virtual shop. Once the shop is started the owner of the same one can manage it across the administration Area, being the pages belonging to the Virtual Shop generated of dynamic form.

It is necessary to emphasize that the system is completely an open sea to any type of need, pursuit of orders, different tariffs according to clients, optimization for sale to distributors and even integration with programs of management day pupils are some of the applications that can be programmed to measurement.

Get in touch with our department commercially and we will study his case preparing a budget detailed on his project of virtual commerce.

Next the principal functionalities of a shop are detailed basic, being able to be adapted in every particular case.

 Area of administración  

The administration area is protected by means of user and password and from here the owner can manage articles, clients, promotions, families, etc.

The presentation at esthetic level of this area will be the same for all the shops and all the paragraphs continue the same control system:
  • Direct access to every paragraph across a menu in the left.
  • List of records paginated with election of different methods of arrangement and records for page.
  • Access to insert new record in the low part of the list.
  • I access to modification pulsating in the primary key of every record.
  • I access to elimination touching in icon wastebasket of every record.
  • Direct access to record by means of insertion of primary key.
  • General parameters This area is personalized for every shop as his needs, counting with direction e-mail of the manager and as example, to show or not prices in way invited (if it was), imposed and areas of application, minimal amount to give freightages and cost of these according to predetermined areas of mailing and/or weight of the mailing.

  • Marks maintenance Useful in shops that have similar articles about different marks. Fields: code of mark and name.

  • Categories maintenance / families It is necessary to emphasize that the system allows to create an unlimited number of subcategories. Fields: optional photo of title, name of category and category of the one that depends (necessary field to create subcategories).

    Also we have several options for the presentation of a family in I limit, as example: vertical or horizontal products presentation.

  • Clients' maintenance Fields: login / code, password, trade name, fiscal name, direction social or basic head office, phone, fax, country, applicable discounts (TV/radio commercial and prompt payment), etc.

    Also we have the possibility of forming (well the manager or the buyer from the shop) not limited number of directions of mailing.

  • Articles maintenance Fields: code of article / reference, description cuts, color, price, code of mark, family code, small optional photo, optional long description and optional extended photo.

    The presence of description chatters or extended photo product enables an icon in every where to visualize this information in an emergent window.

  • Orders maintenance The orders are realized in the Virtual Shop and from here his modification is possible and elimination, but not his entry.

    During the modification there is created a copy of the temporary order where the changes are realized : modifications of quantity, high and elimination of lines, existing the possibility of re-calculating freightages and promotions.

    Once the changes are completed it is possible to keep the order with the possibility of notifying the changes to the buyer, in this case the same one would be sent again emphasizing the lines modified with remarks of the manager. This option is useful when it is not possible to be provided with a permanent stock and the orders are subject to change.

    Also we have the option to forward the orders by e-mail so much to the buyer as to the manager.

  • Promotions maintenance This paragraph is adapted to the needs for every shop and we will usually have option to form the following promotions:

    1. Every certain quantity gives itself an article (s) certainly.
    2. In orders superior to certain quantity an article is given (s) certainly.