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 Accommodation under sure connection SSL
 Tariffs direction dedicated IP
 Certificates sure SSL
 Request of high

 Low accommodation conexión sure SSL  

The accommodation under sure connection is an important need for any place of electronic commerce where the visitor is going to provide sensitive information as bank accounts or credit cards. The user must know that his information cannot be read by anybody except the authorized recipient, and also that the last one is who says to be, and it is a question of a real company.

SSL is the initials of Secure Socket Layer (Layer of sure connection) and it is a protocol that allows a sure and reliable connection between two computers.

Making a mixed use of encriptación of public and private key, SSL enjoys the highest level of safety that there makes practically impossible his deciphered one by other computers foreign to the participants in the connection.

Applying SSL to the web accommodation there is born the protocol HTTPS, which works in a way similar to HTTP (traditional accommodation) but across a sure connection client / servant. The direction
https://secure.digitalehosting.com is an example of sure place.

HTTPS also incorporates a novel characteristic, and it is the possibility of installation of a Sure Certificate that authenticates the identity of the place that possesses it. Thus when a user visits a sure place, it can click in the icon of sure connection of his navigator and know the identity of the visited place, with the safety of which there exists an Entity Certificadora that has verified all the information showed and granted a certificate in limited time.

Although it is not necessary to possess a certificate sent by an entity certificadora, it is advisable, since of using a certificate self-signed (not certified for an external company) the user will get a notice of his navigator indicating that the identity of the visited place is not confirmed.

Due to the HTTPS design, it is needed a direction IP dedicated exclusive for every sure place, it must hire this service to be able to lodge a sure domain. ZILOS also offers him the possibility of hiring certificates validated by GeoTrust, next it will find tariffs of both services.

 Tariffs dirección dedicated IP  

It can hire directions dedicated IP of half-yearly or annual form. Every direction makes possible the accommodation of a sure domain, be already with a certificate self-signed or sent by an entity certificadora.

Half-yearly tariff
Annual tariff
 Direction dedicated IP 12 € 20 €

* Not included taxes


 Certificates sure SSL  

Veloxia Network distributes the safety products offered by the entity certificadora

Next there appear the different products offered by this company and his characteristics and prices.

Cross-check of: Domain Domain Organization and Domain Organization and Domain
Applicable to: A domain / subdomain A domain / subdomain A domain / subdomain Multiple subdomains, in form *.dominio.com
Necessary papers: I access to authorized E-mail I access to authorized E-mail Authorized e-mail and copy registers and/or CIF/NIF Authorized e-mail and copy registers and/or CIF/NIF
It delivers in: 10 minutes 10 minutes 2 days of average 2 days of average
It includes: Certificate SSL Certificate SSL and Stamp of Authenticity Certificate SSL and Stamp of Authenticity Certificate SSL and Stamp of Authenticity
The stamp shows: Not applicable Name of domain Organization and domain Organization and domain
Annual price ZILOS
90 € 119 € 149 € 599 €

* Not included taxes


 Request of high  

The request of high must be realized from the contact form with technical support located in the direction
http://soporte.digitalehosting.com/contact/index.html. In the request it will have to indicate us the following information to proceed with the record of the certificate:

Information of the proprietary company / entity of the domain.
  • Name of the company.
  • Country.
  • Province or the state.
  • City.
  • e-mail.
  • Wished subdomain (secure.sudominio.com, tienda.sudominio.com).
Information of the manager domain.
  • Name and surnames.
  • e-mail (it must be based on the domain).
  • Phone.
  • Fax.


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