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Connection to the node ESPANIX

ZILOS/Veloxia Network joins Espanix, the Spanish neutral node of exchange of traffic, improving the quality of his network of information.

On March 6, 2006 To

ZILOS collaborates with the TASTING

ZILOS/Veloxia Network will inform to the Center of Early Alert Antivirus of the incidence of virus and he will be able to spread his preventive messages.

On December 28, 2005 To

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Veloxia collaborates with the TASTING

 More information transference  

Elda, On November 1, 2002

ZILOS extends the transference of information allowed in all his packs of accommodation, also there goes down considerable form the cost of the exceeded traffic.

Attending on the increasing visits increase in all kinds of websites, ZILOS extends in all his Packs the monthly traffic included in each of them, happening to be 1 GByte in Pack Inicia, 2 GBytes in Pack Básico, 6 GBytes in Pack Profesional and 12 GBytes in case of Pack Reseller.

The cost of the products of accommodation remains unaltered, what supposes an important progress in relation quality / price on having had 100 more % of included basic transference.

Along with these modifications in the configuration of the services of shared accommodation, there has come down to only 6€ the cost of the transferred extra GByte, supposing a descent in the price superior to 65 %.

ZILOS will keep on extending the traffic assigned to the Packs of accommodation during the year 2.003, thanks to important progress in connectivity foreseen for this year in his facilities of Elda, Alicante.

Legal notice Importante: A to depart from 30 of 09 of 2009, VELOXIA NETWORK S.L., FERCA NETWORK S.L., INTERNET NERVIA S.L., INTERNET DIALNIC S.L., they fuse under the entity of ACENS TECHNOLOGIES, S.L.
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