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Connection to the node ESPANIX

ZILOS/Veloxia Network joins Espanix, the Spanish neutral node of exchange of traffic, improving the quality of his network of information.

On March 6, 2006 To

ZILOS collaborates with the TASTING

ZILOS/Veloxia Network will inform to the Center of Early Alert Antivirus of the incidence of virus and he will be able to spread his preventive messages.

On December 28, 2005 To

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Veloxia collaborates with the TASTING

 Progress of the system of mail  

Elda, On May 13, 2004

ZILOS implements interesting progress in the system of mail of his service of web accommodation, emphasizing a system Anti-SPAM and autentificación route SMTP.

ZILOS has updated recently the system of mail of the service of web accommodation, installing the last versions of all the components of the system, including the system Antivirus.

As innovation incorporates three new functionalities: System Anti-SPAM, user's Autentificación at level SMTP and to Autoanswer.

The not requested advertizing mail, more commonly called SPAM, it is presently a serious problem in Internet. Only one direction e-mail can go so far as to get several thousands of messages not requested a day for the simple fact of being published on some web page or public record. This fact causes big wasting times and money along the world due to the immense quantity of mail that the users see forced to classify and to eliminate every day.

ZILOS realizes this problem and has incorporated a complex and powerful system effective Anti-SPAM into 97 % that is simultaneously very simple to use, it is enough to activate it from the control panel. Immediately after his activation, the whole mail that the user receives is inspected and catalogued as valid or SPAM, and given the latter case, modifies the matter of the message including the word [** SPAM **] to the beginning. Thus the user can leak his messages automatically and eliminate or check of periodic form these messages.

For his part, also the possibility has been started for the user of being authenticated in the servant of projecting mail (at level SMTP), which coexists with the previous system, which only was allowing the use of the servant of projecting mail once the user had been authenticated in the servant POP gathering the mail. Thanks to this innovation, the users can activate this characteristic in his mail client and make use of the servant SMTP without any restriction, forgetting completely the need to gather the mail of periodic form.

Finally a new module has been added in the control panel that allows to activate an answering machine in any account of mail, characteristic that is especially useful to form temporary messages for holidays or special events.

These new services have been included without subsequent cost in all the accommodation products.

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