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Connection to the node ESPANIX

ZILOS/Veloxia Network joins Espanix, the Spanish neutral node of exchange of traffic, improving the quality of his network of information.

On March 6, 2006 To

ZILOS collaborates with the TASTING

ZILOS/Veloxia Network will inform to the Center of Early Alert Antivirus of the incidence of virus and he will be able to spread his preventive messages.

On December 28, 2005 To

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Veloxia collaborates with the TASTING

 Emergency service  

Elda, On May 20, 2002

ZILOS improves his monitoring applications and presents an available emergency service 24 hours of the day, every day of the year.

ZILOS recently has improved his service of servants' monitoring and connectivity including situations of possible mistake earlier not considered. Additionally there has been added an interface that can be activated by the client in case the system is not capable of detecting the error automatically.

This service is active 24 hours of the day, every day of the year, and notifies all the available technical staff of the incidence even if the ZILOS facilities are not physically.

The emergency form is accessible in the following direction:


With this progress, ZILOS tries to improve significantly his service of technical support, especially in those situations in which an immediate performance is needed.

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