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ZILOS offers to him the opportunity to do business without needing of big investments.

Thanks to the big versatility of our products of accommodation it will be able to resell his resources of transparent form for the final user managing to promote to the maximum the employed products.

Of what does the business consist?

Our accommodation bundles are equipped with a big number of resources and most of them possess capacity for multiple domains, sometimes you will have a resources surplus.

Thanks to the characteristic multiuser who possesses the control panel will be able to assign a variable number of resources to every client with privileges of partial or entire access.

To take care even of the last detail it will be able to personalize the head of the control panel to eliminate any reference to ZILOS - Veloxia Network.

At all times we offer him the possibility of changing the type of employed bundle even performing minor capacity of which the current one. Also we have small enlargement bundles for every product, these turn out to be highly interesting in case of needing a small extra number of resources. Thus he will always have a business adapted to his volume of growth without need to cover no type of risk.

Is the growth of my business limited?

If he manages to have a big clients volume it will turn out to be very interesting to choose for another type of completely autonomous and professional options, with which it will be able to offer solutions of accommodation fitted to the needs of his clients to him.

For it the most intelligent solution is to have a proper machine (Housing) from which it will be able to offer any type of service. The most complex task of this type of autonomy consists of the administration of the proper machine as well as of the clients stayed at her.

Veloxia Network offers a pioneering system on the market named Veloxia-CHS Centralized Host System, this tool is faced to the clients' accommodation in one or several machines are already local or remote.

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