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Veloxia Network, S.L. is a Provider of Services of Internet founded in the year 2000 and informed by associates with experience in projects related to Internet from 1998.

The principal Veloxia philosophy has always been the applications development own innovative and a rapid and effective support to the client, and this way places as
Melodysoft.com, project created in 1998, it grew without scarcely economic resources and receives at present more of 10 million monthly visits.

In April, 2001 it began to give service Nomitek.com, website dedicated to the record of domains that up to the date, it has realized more than 15.000 records and is provided with a current growth of more than 500 new domains a month.

Veloxia has developed a distributed system of baptized web accommodation as CHS (Centralized Host System), created like tool for Providers of Accommodation that manages the resources of the servants and provides an interface both to the final client (control panel) and to the provider company (clients' management, invoicing, etc).

ZILOS is the service of web accommodation of Veloxia Network that from February, 2002 complements the Nomitek services and makes use of the system CHS. He emphasizes for his bundles multidomain with wide resources and a rapid and effective technical support, attended for the most part across a proper system of pursuit of incidences and questions by means of tickets. To today ZILOS is provided with more than 10.000 guest domains.

As a whole, Veloxia Network is provided with a portfolio of 14.000 clients distributed of uniform form for the whole Spanish territory, more a clients' small base Latin Americans and Europeans in increase.

At level of accommodation of domains, it is in Spain inside The first 10 positions as www.webhosting.info, placing Veloxia between the principal companies of web accommodation. Index


Veloxia Network is one of few providers of web accommodation in Spain that counts with Proper data center and a redundant network of information of high capacity.

Thus there is guaranteed an entire control and rapid management of his resources, without depending on third companies to give solution to any class of problem.

Data center

The Data center (Datacenter) of Veloxia is located in the building of the head office of the company, where also the commercial offices are and the technical department located in the city of Elda (Alicante, Spain).

The rooms of servants' accommodation offer a joint capacity of more of 700 servants and the access it is restricted the same ones to authorized personnel.

At present, more than 300 servants are lodged in these rooms, number that it includes the principal servants of Veloxia, those of shared accommodation of ZILOS and them dedicated clients servants.

The supply and electrical system is a fundamental part of the building for to guarantee an entire continuity in the service. All the servants gather together in small sets connected to electrical circuits isolated, all of them connected to a SAI online (System of Uninterrupted Feeding) endorsed for a generating group.

In case of a cut in the electrical supply the system SAI guarantees the fluid during 10 minutes, although scarcely to 30 seconds of the cut the generating group starts automatically and can provide the necessary energy of indefinite form.

Redundant air conditioning systems support a temperature and moisture constants in the accommodation rooms, allowing the good functioning of all the machines.


Veloxia Network is a RIPE member and his network is multi-homed, that is to say, there is connected to Internet across several operators and uses the protocol of enrutación dynamics BGP4 to optimize his traffic simultaneously that obtains redundancy. His number of autonomous system (AS28842) at present causes his own one block of 8192 directions IP.

Veloxia has a presence point in Madrid where transit IP hires to different operators of recognized prestige on linkage Gigabit, and is connected by the Data center of Elda across two linkage of optical fibre STM-4 of 622Mbps.

Veloxia uses devices Juniper and Slack in all his network formed of redundant form, like that there arranges of four routers principal Juniper M7i/M10, two installed ones in the presence point in Madrid and two in the Data center of Elda, in addition to several Slack 7507 secondary ones.

The aggregation realizes across switches Slack 3750 that connect with multiple switches layer 2 Slack 2950 at speeds of Gigabit, which the final teams connect.

From February, 2006 Veloxia is an Espanix member, the Spanish Neutral Point, what allows him to exchange traffic at big speed with the principal ones national operators without intermediaries.

All these factors provide to the network of Veloxia of an excellent national and international connectivity, obtaining the maximum speed and minimal possible latency. Also all the elements are sobredimensionados, so that they allow to absorb peaks of at least the double of the level of traffic ordinarily in moments of maximum activity.

It is possible to know the way that takes the traffic from the Data center of Veloxia up to any place across the utility Tracing of Route.


The web accommodation shared in ZILOS is offered of exclusive form under servants of high yield Dell Poweredge 1850 and 2850, in dual configuration Pentium 4 Xeon, 2GB of memory ECC, redundant power supplies, discs SCSI and system RAID in way mirror (mirror).

These characteristics provide a high level of redundancy that they allow to the servant to continue working if one of the redundant parts fails (for example a hard disk), allowing to change the defective piece without interrupting the service.

The different services lend from groups of separated servants, of this form there exist groups of web servants, servants of mail and servants of databases. Veloxia supports a stock of at least four machines ready to be activated in case of serious breakdown in anyone of those who form the system, what guarantees a limited term of resolution before the supposed stranger of whom a servant remains completely rendered useless.

Despite the system of redundant storage, Veloxia realizes safety copies daily of all the information stored by the clients of ZILOS, doing use of a tape bookstore Dell Powervault 132T that is provided with a capacity of 9.6 Terabytes.


The facilities, connectivity and servants of accommodation are monitored 24 hours of the day every day of the year.

The alarm systems make any possible problem known of the technical staff in the same moment in which they happen, this system also can be activated by the client (emergency system available web route 24x7x365) in case of minor possible problems not detected automatically, but that need of immediate intervention.


Legal notice Importante: A to depart from 30 of 09 of 2009, VELOXIA NETWORK S.L., FERCA NETWORK S.L., INTERNET NERVIA S.L., INTERNET DIALNIC S.L., they fuse under the entity of ACENS TECHNOLOGIES, S.L.
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