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Accommodation products

Our catalog of products of web accommodation is composed by 11 bundles of resources, which include so much plans Windows as Linux, destined to cover all kinds of projects (from the simplest up to the most demanding): Beginning, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Multidomain 2000Mb, ASP.NET, Plan Access, SQL Server, SQL 500Mb and SQL 1000Mb. Destined to cover all kinds of projects, from the simplest even the most demanding.

To be able to have a product adapted to his needs, we offer him her possibility of changing one product to other in any moment or of extending it using bundles of additional resources.

It will have access to a finished control panel with which he will be able to administer of form simple and effective all the available resources.

Likewise it will be provided with the support of all our team of technical support that it will advise and report in any moment before any consultation or incidence.

Domains record

Veloxia Network has its own system of record of names of domain in Internet, Nomitek.com. Thanks to this one it will be able to register domains.com.net. org and even.tv at an attractive price.

This service includes free the possibility of parking or redireccionar registered domain.

Virtual shop

V2COM is the system of personalized electronic commerce of Veloxia Network, it is a question of a system adapted to every client and that provides the base for the achievement of any type of virtual shop, including administration, cart of the buy and footbridge of payment.


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